Queen Camilla’s Coronation gown featured a sweet nod to her beloved Jack Russells

King Charles and Camilla were joined by loved ones and fellow royals from across the globe for the Coronation today, and the Queen Consort even managed to bring her pets along with her. In a sweet detail spotted by eagle-eyed fans, her gown paid tribute to Camilla’s two Jack Russells, who were honoured in gold thread.

The iconic Bruce Oldfield gown fit like a glove on the Queen Consort who was crowned alongside Charles at Westminster Abbey earlier today.

While intricate embroidery covered the floor-length dress, a royal fan spotted the dog-shaped stitching on the bottom of the gown.

As a proud owner of two Jack Russells, Beth and Bluebell, the subtle figures are thought to be a touching tribute to Camilla’s canine companions.

The royal adopted the terriers in 2017 and has lived with them at Clarence House ever since.

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Both of the Jack Russell terriers were rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and had heart-breaking backstories.

Before being rescued by the charity, Beth was found tied to a post while Bluebell was discovered wandering around in the woods with no fur.

Speaking previously to BBC Radio 5 Live, Camilla said: “Along I went to Battersea, and Beth appeared, and she had just been moved from pillar to post and dumped. We thought it would be nice for her to have a friend.

“They found [Bluebell] two or three weeks later, wandering about in woods, no hair on her, covered in sores, virtually dead. And they nursed her back to life and her hair grew again. She’s very sweet, but a tiny bit neurotic, shall we say.”

While the dogs were an obvious nod to Camila’s beloved pets, the floral stitching was a tribute to her husband.

Bruce incorporated the flower garlands and leaves in honour of King Charles III – with whom Camilla shares a love of the great outdoors.

Known to take great pride in their gardens at Highgrove House and Clarence House, the gown was a reminder to the public that despite being the King and Queen, they still take enjoyment in simple pleasures.

Antique gold and silver threads were also used to create an intertwining pattern amongst the floral touches on the historic dress.

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