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Morocco to host 2024 international confab on public health

Morocco has been selected to host the fourth International Conference on Public Health in Africa Opens in 2024. This year’s third CPHIA was attended by over 5,100 participants, including African Heads of State, Ministers of health, leading scientists, innovators, among others, from over 90 countries held in Lusaka, Zambia, from …

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Elon Musk hypes Tesla Cybertruck at deliveries event in Austin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the stage to reveal details about the company’s new and unconventional Cybertruck pickup on Thursday in Austin, Texas, one day after he appeared in a bizarre interview at the DealBook Summit in New York. At that earlier event, Musk boasted, “It will be the biggest product launch of …

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Nigerian UK-based nurse reportedly sacked, deported for praying for patient

A yet-to-be-identified Nigerian nurse in the United Kingdom has been reportedly sacked by the management of her hospital after she was found praying for an elderly patient. The self-acclaimed online doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo, disclosed this via his X handle, @drolufunmilayo, on Thursday. Although Metro cannot verify this claim as …

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