Kate Middleton shows ‘open-mouthed horror’ during moment with Sophie

Kate, Princess of Wales and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh are experts when it comes to behaving with grace and decorum in public.

But the royals are human after all, and like everybody else, they occasionally have their moments where they lack composure.

One such instance was when Kate and Sophie stepped out at Royal Ascot in 2017 and Sophie almost took a tumble out of a carriage.

The typically calm and collected royal duo were pictured in a state of shock and amusement as Kate tried to catch her friend.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to Express.co.uk about the funny moment between the pair, where we got an “alternative set of body language responses” to the ones royal fans would expect.

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Judi told Express.co.uk: “Royals are famously stoic and unflappable in public but every so often we get a glimpse of a different side to those traits when they are caught off-guard, showing a very alternative set of body language responses.

“Both Sophie and Kate are known for their calm, unflappable poise and a ride in the carriage at Ascot is something both women take in their stride as experienced royals. But not on this occasion.

“Perhaps the carriage moved too quickly but it left Sophie tilting forward as though about to fall over onto Kate, and Kate’s expression of open-mouthed horror as she tried to prevent that happening mirrored Sophie’s expression perfectly.”

In one snap Sophie was pictured falling onto Kate, whose eyes were wide and mouth agape as she steadied Sophie’s shoulder.

Judi said: “Both women looked amused and horrified at the same time, which is a rare blend of facial expressions.”

In another Sophie and Kate were pictured laughing as Kate continued to help her friend who tried to balance herself by holding onto the side of the carriage.

Again, they grinned as Kate continued to steady Sophie, with Prince William and Prince Edward smiling and chatting in the background.

The sweet and hilarious moment between the two royals speaks to their close relationship filled with fun.

After the quick incident, the pair were spotted sitting elegantly in the carriage during the fabulous British summertime event.

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