Kate could have new ‘twin’ in the Royal Family – most ‘powerful and glamorous’ women

Royal and fashion expert Miranda Holder claimed that Kate, Princess of Wales could have a new “twin” within the Royal Family after the pair were spotted matching at a garden party during King Charles’s Coronation weekend.

The expert commented “roll over Pippa,” as Kate “has a new twin in town and is the gorgeous Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh”.

After the Big Help Out event during the Coronation weekend, some royals attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace, including Kate and Sophie matching in blue.

In fact, their outfits were almost identical, both having previously worn the dresses to Ascot.

Kate and William “were obviously stars of the show, both of them rewearing identical outfits they had previously worn to Ascot in 2019,” Miranda explained.

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Sophie “also rewore an old Ascot outfit, one by Suzannah London and she wore it there last year”.

The fashion guru opined: “The blouse is gorgeous, it’s semy sheer, there are ruffles, it even has a pussy bow and the whole thing is covered in whimsical polka dots reminding us of the more feminine and flirty and Princess-like Kate used to be known in the past before her wardrobe got more heavyweight and serious like her role as the Princess of Wales.”

Miranda claimed that the blue outfit was “definitely a crowd pleaser” but what made it even “more powerful was the two women presenting a united front”.

She observed: “The pair are perfectly coordinated both of them are wearing a similar silhouette, the hats are almost identical, they both have ruffles, semi-sheer fabric, they are both belted and they both looked stunning.”

The expert opined that the Firm “fully understands that these two women are the key to their success and the lynchpin to ensure the future of the monarchy”.

“So make no mistake, they were putting on a show for the people,” she added. Kate looked “absolutely glorious in one of her most popular outfits” reworn from 2019, “twinning in the most delightful way with Sophie”.

“This is Palace PR at its most powerful – its two most powerful and glamorous women putting on a united front for all the world to see, and doesn’t it make an impact?” Miranda claimed.

Kate and her sister Pippa Middleton have worn very similar outfits on many occasions as they both “follow a similar fashion format which works equally well for both of the sisters”, according to Miranda.

Pippa opted for a pastel yellow dress to attend King Charles’s Coronation almost identical to the outfit the Princess of Wales wore for Trooping the Colour in 2019.

In recent years, however, it has been Kate and Sophie coordinating outfits. It is believed the Princess of Wales and Prince Edward’s wife share a special bond.

The pair are often spotted laughing and joking at events, suggesting they are close friends despite their 17-year age gap.

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