Ex-Harrods worker says certain things are ‘a no go’ when serving the super rich

Influencer and former Harrods employee Maggie Anne shared some “cool facts” about the iconic department store on her TikTok channel @maggieanne.n.

Maggie revealed that Harrods reportedly has “VIP tunnels” for celebrities and members of the Royal Family to use.

She explained: “I worked in Harrods for two years and there’s some pretty cool things that go down in that place that the general public will have no idea about.

“I don’t think a lot of people actually know this but in Harrods there is actually a sort of special secret tunnel – like a VIP tunnel.

“I’m pretty sure there’s only like five staff members in the whole of Harrods that actually are allowed to know the entrance and the exits to these VIP tunnels.”

The ex-Harrods worker continued: “Basically these VIP tunnels are used for like A-list celebrities and royalty to enter and exit Harrods without the general public and normal customers knowing that they’re even there.”

According to the influencer, there are “private suite areas” for the super-rich where they can enjoy the best customer service and personal shoppers.

Maggie said: “Another cool fact is that if you are working in Harrods and you were to see an A-list celebrity or anyone you recognise, you are not allowed to let that celebrity know that you have recognised them and you know who they are.

“So there was many a time when I was serving celebrities and I would not be allowed to let them know that I know who they are – even if it’s very obvious.

“I’ve known people to literally get the sack because they’ve asked for pictures with celebrities and you are not allowed to do that,” she claimed. “That is a no go. You do not ask a celebrity for a selfie when you’re working in Harrods. Absolutely not.”

Other ex-Harrods workers took to the comments section to share their stories with one claiming she once saw Princess Diana: “I worked in Harrods in 1995 and saw lady Diana.”

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