‘Early-blooming’ flowers to sow now for late winter displays

Spring is synonymous with colourful blooms, but different plant species grow at different times of the year, with a score of varieties thriving in cooler temperatures.

Fortunately, experts at Greenview Fertiliser have shortlisted a handful of blooms to consider for late winter blooms if sown in Autumn. 

Flowers that bloom in winter

Winter Jasmine 

Among the most popular cool-loving flowers is the Winter Jasmine, a woody perennial that produces yellow flowers all along its stems in late winter. 

“It’s different from the white-flowering jasmine, and it isn’t as fragrant as that one,” explain the experts. 

These flowering species thrive in zones six to 10, meaning they will do well throughout both the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Experts at Plantura Magazin point out that gardeners can expect flowers to appear “before Christmas” if temperatures and mild enough. What’s more, the blooms will often stick around until March or April. 

Christmas Rose 

The Christmas rose is beloved because the flowering perennial typically blooms through the darkest days of winter, thanks to its hardiness. 

Its name reflects its resemblance to an old rose, and it tends to be one of the first-to-bloom perennials of the season. 

In the South, the Helleborus Niger variety bloom in January and early March in the North (zones three to eight). 

On the other hand, the Helleborus orientalis and x hybridus variety bloom a few weeks later in zones four to nine, meaning they will thrive in the UK, which lies in the USDA Plant hardiness zones six to nine. 


Three-petaled snowdrops are best known for their unique shape, and February is the best month to enjoy these flowers and their spectacular displays.

Experts at Green View Fertilizer explained: “Snowdrop flowers have three white petals tha hang down like milk drops dripping off the stem.”

If planted in autumn, the pea-sized bulbs can be fertilized bi-annually to ensure they return the following year.

“Watch them bloom yesterday after year for a few weeks each winter,” the experts at Green View Fertilizer note.

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